14 Oct

I was caught up in a vision and I saw God’s children putting their hands in the enemies camp and pulling out the light fuses. The entire enemies camp light system went in a total black out.

In the vision, what I noticed about the light system was that it was like neon light sign advertisement flashing. These signs were full of temptation and lies. When I saw the complete black out happen, it was like all the enemies plans of deception, enticement and ruin were completely taken out! 

I felt the Father was releasing strategies to simply see the enemies plans and put a stop to them, pulling the plug on its effectiveness. I felt that the enemies ability to grab peoples attentions has been blocked out! 

God is reminding his children of Luke 10:19 - “I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy and nothing shall by any means hurt you.”

There is a released of precision in the spirit to see the enemies plans and to call out his false advertisement. To see every attack stop dead in its tracks. I felt the plans to keep the unsaved in darkness from salvation is going out and many are going to turn their hearts to the Father. 

Just like when you are away from city lights you can see the stars better; I felt as the light on the enemies plans are being exposed and put out, God’s people will begin to see the stars of promises better.  Just as Abraham did, be reminded on the promises that God has for them of blessing, multiplication, inheritance and far more then they can possibly hope or imagine. 

There is a change happening in the spirit. The tide has turned in the battle and the promises of God are in full focus! Children of God, take hold of the promises and lay claim to your inheritance!

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