07 Apr

I woke up this morning with these words ringing in my heart and in my mind. The Father sees you and is “sending a Fathers help” (Ps 3:4 TPT) for you today!

I felt like the Holy Spirit was wanting to remind His Children that He is your ‘very present help in time of need!’ (Ps 46). He is coming as a good Father to help you, catch you and comfort you.
I felt like the Father say, ‘I am a making a way where there seems to be no way’ (Isaiah 43:16).
Be encouraged by the Holy Spirit that He knows your every worry and burden. I believe He is reminding you today that He has taken them all!

I saw a picture of a Father coming close to a child and helping them with a small task.
I wanted to encourage you that your Heavenly Father is interested in even your smallest concern.
He has a answer for every situation and now is a time to bring all your concerns to Him. 

Come in nice and close to time with The Holy Spirit and He will remind you again what He says about you!
1 Peter 5:7 says ‘cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.’

He cares for you; He sees you; And He is bringing a Father’s help!

Psalm 3:4- “ I have cried out to you, Yahweh, from your holy presence. You send me a Father’s help.”

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