03 May

I believe that there is a clarity that The Father is releasing in this season. People are walking out of confusion and unclear direction into clarity, definition and a clear purpose!

The father led me to go for a walk to see the sun rise. As the sun came up there was such a crispness in the air and a clearness in the stillness. I felt like the Holy Spirit say I am releasing a clarity and direction from a place of stillness. As the fog lifted in the valley and the sun rose higher there was a dawning of a new day, there was such a peace and I felt like the Holy Spirit say, there is a new day at hand.
Let the confusion of the past, the foggy unclear thoughts and lack of direction disappear as the light of His peace and clarity comes. The attack of confusion and a feeling of going round in circles has gone and clarity is being released!

I sensed there was going to be new clarity in many areas of people’s lives- clarity of destiny, clarity of identity and clarity of purpose!

There is clarity in ministry. I felt like the Father was releasing definition and strategy over many ministries and direction where there has been lack of clarity.

There is clarity in finances. I prophecy an economic bounce back! New ways of transacting money and new ways of trading. Clarity for stewarding, personal, organizational and national budgets.

There is clarity of revelation. I saw many having clarity and new revelation from the word of God and truth like never before.

There is clarity in creativity. New innovation are coming and new ways of doing things. I saw new inventions and creative solutions being released.

There is an invitation for you; Step in to the new day! Step into the clarity and clearness from the Father for everything He is doing in you and around you!

Isiah 43:19
“See I am doing a new thing.
Now it springs up! Do you not perceive it?
I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.”

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