14 Feb

I was in a time of intercession with the Father and I felt him say to me ‘I’m raising the culture changing influences.’

There is an anointing and ability being released to hold the conversation in media and social media platforms to influence culture.

I felt like the Father was releasing an anointing to influence the social and cultural norms of what is accepted, the moral standards, ideas and world views that shape culture. He is raising ones who will take back influence and the social narrative of this generation. I felt the Father was beginning to raise up people and give them influence on different social media platforms to direct the flow of what is socially and relationally acceptable. They would be like gate keepers of conversation. I felt like there is going to be divine set ups and favour to be on the cusp of social media trends to influence for the kingdom of God and for righteousness.
I sense the Father is raising ones who would open their mouths and speak when they saw things that didn’t line up with righteousness.
Proverbs 13:43 says ‘Righteousness exalts a nation.’
The Father is giving the influence of nations to those who would simply stand up for what they know is right; Ones who will naturally and authenticity say ‘it’s not right’, or ‘I don’t agree with that’. Influencers that will boldly declare Gods ways of living.

I believe these influencers would be ones with hearts of total devotion to the father! Hearts that are following after the Fathers heart, like David did. (1 Sam 13:14, Acts 13:22) These ones will have supernatural wisdom from heaven for when to speak and what they should say and when to share. As they do the favour of God will breath on it. They will have an anointing and ability being released to hold the conversation in media and social platforms to influence culture. They will not stand back and be silent, who will stand and speak truth.

I wanted to encourage you that everyone one has a voice and everyone has a sphere of influence in their world and the people around them. Now is the time to open you mouth and speak. Obviously we need to be careful and prayerful what is on social media but it’s not the time to be timid. It’s time to be the ‘light on a hill.’ Matt 5:14

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