I BELIEVE We are called to change the world and you have a significant role to play.

I believe everyone has a God given purpose and destiny and hearing the voice of God is for every believer.
My heart is to bring hope, truth and revelation to encourage you and help you step further into what God has for you! To equip you with teaching on how to hear the voice of God and live in a prophetic life style of faith.
You, dear friend are a very needed voice at this time in history.

Rebecca Damianopoulos
I BELIEVE We are called to change the world and you have a significant role to play.

Prophetic Words

Come out of the corners. The playing field has changed. Declare Isaiah 61:2-7 over your 2021 I saw a picture of a boxing match about to begin. The opponents were in their opposite corners and were sizing each other up.

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I was caught up in a vision and I saw God’s children putting their hands in the enemies camp and pulling out the light fuses. The entire enemies camp light system went in a total black out.

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People are walking out of confusion and unclear direction into clarity, definition and a clear purpose!

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I felt like the Holy Spirit was wanting to remind His Children that He is your ‘very present help in time of need!’

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There is an anointing and ability being released to hold the conversation in media and social media platforms to influence culture.

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I felt the Father asking His people; Is there anything you you need to put back on the shelf? Is there anything you need to give to me? Anything where the season is finished and it’s time to let go? Any assignment or focus that was picked up too early

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I felt the Father want to remind His people to take their eyes off the worries and concerns and see what God is doing in the midst of the storm.

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